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How to order fitted furniture?

When choosing bespoke furniture, you can make your house will look really great, and you will be able to enjoy the many practical solutions that can also help you to save some space. Regardless of whether you have a small studio apartment or a large house, custom furniture from the carpentry company is a good idea, because only then can you get a unique equipment for virtually any room – kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom or a corridor. When the standard furniture in the shops does not fit or you do not like it aesthetically, then bespoke furniture is an offer worthy of attention!

Ordering this kind of fitted furniture is not so difficult, so if you still hesitate, check with us how to do it. In London there are many companies that offer a full range of professional services to their clients, so you can easily find the one that will be perfect for you in every way. Just remember to prefer quality over price – then you will be completely satisfied.

Consultation with a specialist

The first step in the ordering furniture made for a measure is a consultation with a specialist from a carpentry company. He will then be able to check the dimensions of the room and talk to you about how your perfect furniture should look. You can use examples from the Internet or sketch your design on paper. Employee of the company often also carries a variety of catalogues, so you find the right deal. At this stage, you pick suitable materials for furniture, for example fronts and sides of cabinets, countertops, furniture accessories and other decorations. In addition, a specialist will be able to prepare for yourself the price valuation based on your indications.

Design of furniture

The next step is preparing the project of furniture – it is done by the designer on the basis of data obtained from the customer and room dimensions. Often, together with the project he is also preparing a visualization that shows the appearance of the furniture after its installation. If the customer wants to introduce some amendments, then at this stage it is also possible. If the project is approved, then the work related to the production of furniture can begin. You will also receive information when the furniture will be ready. Before it must also often pay an advance, often of 30-50% of the total price of the furniture.

Installation of custom-made furniture

When the furniture will be ready, then usually the client is informed about this by phone, and he can make an appointment with the company for the assembly. Then the furniture is delivered to your home by employees and it is installed, often together with equipment, such as household appliances in the kitchen. Usually the installation takes from one to several days for kitchen furniture.

Therefore, ordering of bespoke furniture is very easy – it is an offer that deserves special attention, if you want to have beautiful, stylish and also practical and functional furniture, which will be simply the best. You will not buy the same at store, so this is an offer, which is now very popular in both small apartments and large houses – wonderful furniture made by a craftsman is a unique suggestion!